MyQ Support
This page focuses on support for the MyQ for Netflix WebOS application. Contact us at .
In order to use MyQ, you will be required to approve access to your Netflix account for MyQ. This has to be done on Netflix's website to ensure your privacy (MyQ never asks for nor stores your Netflix username and password).

The first time you start MyQ, you will see this authentication screen. Taping the green Start Netflix Autentication button will open an Netflix website that allows you to grant MyQ access to your Netflix account.

After tapping the button, you will be sent to a special Netflix website. You will probably have to double tap to make the website fullscreen in order to use it.

The website will ask you to log into your Netflix account, and then present you with the page shown here. It will ask you to confirm giving access to your Netflix account to MyQ. All you have to do is tap the Yes, Link This Account button.

After a couple of seconds, you should be returned to the MyQ application and see the home screen showing your at home discs.

Note: you can remove the authorization anytime via the Preferences page in MyQ or on the Netflix website (under Your Account, Manage Your Site Connections or simply click this link).

Using MyQ For Netflix
Main Page
The main page will be the first page shown once MyQ is started. The main page allows accessing all the features MyQ provides:
  • You can search the entire Netflix catalog in the main page - it will load up the results in the search page.
  • You can view New Releases and Top Charts by categories by using the two buttons below the search field.
  • A list of discs at home (or being sent home or those on their way back to Netflix) is shown. Each title shows the format of the title (in case you have Blu-ray enabled). Clicking on any title will take you to the detailed view of the title. Below the list is a button to report shipping problems to Netflix.
  • At the bottom of the page there are 4 icons - Home, Queues, Recommendations and Search. Tapping them will switch to the corresponding page.
Queues Page
The queues page allows you to view your Disc and Instant queues. You can tap on items to view their details. You can also remove items from your queue by swiping an item away as well as move items around by tapping and dragging.

If you want a fast way to move up and down large lists, you can enable buttons to move to the top/bottom of lists in the Preferences page.

Recommendations Page
The recommendations page allows you to view your Netflix recommendations. Currently the recommendations are not sortable in any way, but this will change in a future release.
Search Page
The search page allows you to search the entire Netflix catalog for titles to add to your queue. Currently searching only searches the title of the movie or TV series.
Title Page
The title page contains details about the selected title. It will show a larger box art with the star rating you gave it (if you haven't, the predicted rating) below the box art. Among other details are the release year, the MPAA rating, running and keywords. To leave the title page, simply swipe backwards in the gesture area.

The page also shows the availability of the title using up to 3 large boxes. They state if the title is available right now, at home, saveable for a later release or in your queue already. A box will appear for the Blu-ray version if available, the DVD version if available and the Watch Instantly version if available.

The Manage button opens a dialog allowing you to add/remove the title from your Disc and Instant queues, as well as move the item to the top of the queue. Changes occur instantly and you will see progress indicators as the action occurs. The dialog can be closed by using the close button.

You can rate the title by tapping on the star rating in the title page, which will open a new dialog. You can tap any star in the dialog to set a rating (1-5), clear an existing rating or set that you have no interest in the title. If you have previously set that you are not interested in the title, the No Interest button will show as being pressed down.

Unlike the Manage dialog, the rating dialog only applies changes once you have tap the green Save button. Tap the cancel button to close the dialog.